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Bonsai Palace

Store No: Inside Middle Entrance - Open only on Sundays!

Phone No: 0419 047 244



Bonsai Palace has a very simple underlying philosophy - Bonsai (more than just "little trees") can be economical and for everyone.  This attitude has indeed stood the test and today, fourteen years on, we are renowned for supplying quality, attractively priced traditional and Australian native Bonsai, plus a select range of related horticultural notes, books, figurines, tools and accessories. 

Our Bonsai (photosynthesizing pets) will add a sense of peacefulness and tranquillity to your life.  Bonsai require sunlight, water, trimming and feeding to grow into healthy, old and styled features in your garden and home.  We have many to choose from so come down to the E-Shed markets this weekend and pick your favourite.


Check out our website to view our products:

Friday - Sunday
9am - 5pm
Food court:
open till 8:00pm

E Shed Markets also open on all public holidays from
9:00am to 5:00pm