Promotional Pen Branding

Which Types of Things Can Be Applied to a Promotional Pen?

Branded promotional pens can be a very effective way to publicise a business. Many psychological experts consider promo pens to be as effective as they are because of the fact that people grow up using them; therefore developing trusting relationships with the accessories. And it’s this level of trust that other forms of marketing can’t compete with. Billboards, flyers and more pale in comparison – and as pens can be used daily; they offer an even more effective level of visibility for promotion.

There are many ways to take advantage of pens and other forms of stationary from a branding perspective. There are also a variety of options that can be applied to pens including images, text and photos – making them some of the most customisable branded promotional accessories available to a business. Here’s a closer look at some of the things that can be applied to these pens and what it is that makes them so effective when marketing.


If a company prefers to promote itself using its own imagery, then investing in logo pens can be a great way to go. These accessories will often proudly display the logo or a specific image associated with a brand, allowing the pen to be used to promote the company – or in a way that could allow it to be considered an official device. Many businesses purchase pens in bulk and then have their own logos printed onto them; or opt for logo printing services from agencies that stock pens.

Just consider the effect of a pen with the Nike tick, or the Reebok logo for a moment. It won’t just be a pen with a logo, it will quickly become an official emblem of the brand.

Taglines and catchphrases

Some businesses might prefer to use their company name and a particular tagline to get their name out there and fortunately, corporate pens can be an ideal solution. Although a picture can say a thousand words; sometimes mentioning a brand name can be just as effective and beneficial. The words can be carefully chosen to promote a particular aspect of a business, or they can opt to display their own name and a catchphrase if preferred.

Contact information

Instead of handing out mundane business cards, many organisations prefer to provide their contact information in a more unique manner. Having contact details including a website, an email address and phone numbers added to the side of a pen can help to keep a businesses’ info visible – and if the company chooses to buy a lot of pens in bulk, they could always give them out in vast numbers to expand reach and maximise the likelihood of being contacted as a result of exposure.