What Makes Diamond Rings So Special

What Makes Diamond Rings So Special?

Owning a real diamond ring isn’t something that everyone will be able to boast; and as the value will be based on the size, shape, quality and weight of the diamond included within the ring – it’s not uncommon for even relatively mundane types to boast values of several thousand dollars. There are several things that make diamond rings as expensive as they are, but what are they exactly? Here’s a look at the most common factors.

The Quality of the Diamond

When a diamond is discovered, it will be subjected to a variety of tests and evaluations to gauge its clarity and quality. All rough diamonds will need to be cut to shape and then facetted by an expert jeweller. Although this will reduce the weight of the gemstone; it can still increase the price due to the newly introduced aesthetics. The heavier the diamond and the higher the quality of its clarity; the more expensive it can be. This is why many jewellers use a carat weighing system, to help them to calculate the weight and density of the gem, whilst providing them with an idea of its value.

The Setting of the Gem

Different jewellers will opt for different methods of setting their diamonds and where some might decide on gold, others might prefer silver, platinum, or even white gold (a mix of platinum/ silver and yellow gold). If multiple gems are present, then the jeweller might decide to perform any number of design techniques, such as laying a central diamond and then a variety of smaller ones around the edges of a ring. The way in which the diamond is set can add to the value of the ring in general, with those that feature a traditional band being cheaper than those that use detailed arrangements.

The Origin of the Diamond Itself

There are some countries in the world that are responsible for supplying the largest volumes of precious gems and ores, and one of them is Africa. Regions like Kenya and Zimbabwe are notorious for their diamond sourcing and as a result, African diamonds are considered some of the most expensive in the world. The largest diamond ever found was discovered in Africa, but there are other countries that also have mines where these precious gemstones can be found. Depending on import and export taxes, the cost of the gems can increase or decrease and this is why some are more expensive.

When buying a diamond wedding ring, or any item of jewellery featuring these gemstones for that matter – there’s one thing to consider above all else. Regardless of the way that they’ve been cut and no matter their source; the heavier the weight of the diamond, the more expensive it will be. Being one of the hardest materials in the world means that the gem can be used and re-used, regardless of whether it’s removed from its original setting or not. This is why many people invest in cheaper ones at first, before having them upgraded and set in higher quality metals in the future