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Greatest E-Liquid Flavours For E Cigarretes – visit our stall at EshedMarkets

A vaping pen is an electronic cigarette made up of two key parts: the battery and the tank (or clearomizer). They can be filled (and refilled) with e-liquid, which, as you can imagine, comes in many different flavours. A variety of electronic cigarette vaporizers are available at our stall including Vaporfi – the #1 brand of ecig in Australia

Some of these are quite common, like strawberry and raspberry, while others are extreme and crazy. Out of all of the different kinds however, which ones are the best and weirdest that can be vaped?

Zeus Juice for Ecigs

Zeus Juice is a flavourful e-liquid which contains 4 different fruit flavours! Many people who have tried it say that it is their favourite, because you can really taste the sweet and fruity power of it!

Hawk Sauce For Electronic Cigarettes

The flavour of Hawk Sauce is a mix of sweet and sour berries, plus a bit of menthol, too. It’s fruity and great for berry lovers – and it’s also quite refreshing, thanks to the menthol! Even though this vape is not endorsed or licensed by FIFA, it is loved by many football fans.

Cinnamon Roll e-juice for Ecigs

That’s right; you can taste the deliciousness of a cinnamon roll as an e-juice! One of the sweetest and nicest desserts has been made into a vape, so no need to worry about getting full up and spoiling your dinner (or any meal)!

The Elvis – an Electronic Cig Favourite

This strange (but nice) e-liquid will most likely blow your mind. Why? Well, it’s not only bacon flavour, which would probably be odd on its own, but it also has the flavour of peanut butter and banana, too! It’s crazy, but it works.

Not-Cho Cheese Fauxritos

Another odd flavour is Not-Cho Cheese Fauxritos. This strange, limited edition e-juice flavour was created by Apollo, and it can give you the cheesy and delicious flavour of a nacho in a vape!


Even though there are many different kinds of e-juice, this one is a great one. M.B.Y.C has the great taste of ice-cream, vanilla and custard. This e-liquid is also rich, creamy and super tasty – which is always a win.

Smurf Cake E Liquid

This blue liquid has the great taste of blueberries, and also cheesecake! This is one which is weird, but nice. If you have tried other weird e-juice flavours, then you really should try this one, too!


Boosted is another creamy e-liquid, with the well-loved flavour of strawberry mixed in. People who have tried this have said that the balance between the flavours is perfect and that it tastes amazing.

So, there you have it… Why not try some of these for yourself today!