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A good rate of success for driving lessons in Joondalup area of Perth

One of the first things that new learners ask is how likely they will be to pass. Although it’s an impossible result to predict, it’s no secret that certain teachers are a little more well-versed when it comes to techniques and driving prowess. When looking for a tutor, it would be unfair to rule those with lower success rates out – after all it’s the student’s performance on the day that will result in a pass or a fail. Instead, opt for a tutor that boasts a decent success rate, whilst being able to demonstrate their level of expertise.

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  • Full 1 Hour Driving Lesson
  • Over 60 Friendly, Professional, Patient Driving Instructors
  • Dual Control Cars For Your Safety
  • Modern Power Steering Air-conditioned Cars
  • Overseas Drivers and International Students Welcome
  • Male and Female Local Driving Instructors in All Areas
  • Over 30 Years of Experience
  • Student Driver Discounts
  • Driving School Gift Voucher
  • Also servicing the Joondalup area


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