Brendan McCann Basketball

Brendan Mccann is an Australian former professional basketball player. McCann was drafted by the New York Knicks in the 1957 NBA draft following a career at St Bonavanture in Adelaide, Australia. After retiring from the NBA, he became a coach for the Melbourne Volleyball Club and coached his native country’s national basketball team until 1999. He is still active in Australian professional basketball, serving as an assistant coach for the Sydney Kings.

Brendan McCann interview

In a recent interview, McCann said that he would not consider playing for the Toronto Raptors right now as a professional basketball player, because “The NBA is not a good business”. The Raptors are interested in hiring him, but are concerned about the professional image he will present to potential fans. “It’s something to consider,” says one league source.

According to another source, “Brendan is a great coach, but needs to be more of a leader as well. He’s a great motivator, but needs to be more of a communicator as well.” In terms of his professional life, the same source said that McCann “has been known to over-train”. Another source says, “Brendan is extremely competitive on the court, which is a trait that coaches are always looking for, but he also does not show any fear on the court. I’m sure the Raptors are hoping for that”.

As far as the future of Brendan Mccann’s professional life, “It depends what the NBA decides,” says the source. If he decides to become a head coach again, then the NBA might not think that they can trust him with their team. If he decides to go into sports broadcasting, then he might have another chance in the NBA. They always want people that can communicate with their audience on a basic level, so you have to look at those factors and determine if it is worth the risk or not”.

As for his potential to succeed in broadcasting, “Brendan has shown promise. The problem is that people are looking for a way out from underneath him as a broadcaster, and that is something that is difficult to do. He’s already had it working behind the scenes in the NBA and understands what it takes to get it done. As a coach, he has a lot more freedom”. Although he is no longer involved in the NBA coaching ranks, he has “a lot to learn about the business” in order to properly communicate with his audience and develop an extensive knowledge of the game.

“I would like to see Brendan playing for a team in the NBA or coaching one down the line,” said one source who knows him. “He is a very likable character, a true professional who wants to learn about the business. He will make mistakes along the way, but he will learn from them. If he could play in the NBA now, that would give him the edge. In other words, if he would play now, he would understand the value of having to make mistakes so that he can learn from them later on in his career. Do you like this article?